Beautiful Skies

The twinkle in your eyes mesmerized my dark skies.The weathermen called for partly cloudy skies. I flew away when I looked through your time. Your eyes spoke rainy days, but your heart showed friendly skies!

Like a shooting star you illuminated the dark. You are the flashlight to my closed eyes!

My right mind was renewed when I left my past thoughts and looked into your trance. You romanced the stone (my heart) and tears of water ran down my face.

I cried out to you in devotion.


You helped me release my employer heartache and pain. You erased the space of left remains. You painted the portrait of my new face, a different name.

I saw your alluring mind come to life inside the weathered frame.

God painted the Sistine Chapel of what remained. He left me the etchings of virtue,. A depiction of my mind-frame.

From behind the transparent glass I can see your reality’s priceless fortune clearly.I cannot touch your heart. The alarm of previous men will seem to be me.

Problem is the hand-cuffs of shame aren’t written in today. Today I will be what they were not, a stethascope to your heart. Only I can listen to what remains, a new love, a pristine heart!


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