Black Girl Lost

My eyes can see the progress I have made but my slippery past has left me moving (backsliding).

Actions speak louder than words, but the reaction to me finding a spiritual base is not audible enough, and clearly you can’t hear. She is everything I wanted, even though I wanted nothing to do with her.

Old views don’t paint portraits in different hues. I miss her even though everyone else gets to paint her views.I’m afraid to ask to see her because of past errors. My measures are led by the judgment of those who peer into my known fears.

You cannot speak for my character of views.

Yes Todd the father is confused I thought when I got it right I would be less confused?

M should have the life of a first-rate lady, but she has a dad who feels second-rate in postage. I didn’t send in my final notice, but I finally notice the family looks to erase my name from her ledger, I get sent packing due to lack of postage. (money)

I don’t admit to always do right.  My past was as murky as now it is purified. I look to help this black girl, I don’t want her to be lost because of the losses I took because of my split decisions. I decided to make a change so I could be the spark that changes her world forever.

My actions today are not the motion I had of yesterday.

I want to be included in the Restoration of her beautiful mind. Like a caged animal I have an open mind, but it’s been closed off by the gates of time.

I’m further from my youth than I am closer to the truth.

I need my daughter in my life, she is my living proof. Her mom doesn’t speak to me anymore, she accepts the check, I don’t know where the line of respect went. People can’t forgive, I know I had a problem a time or two.

I’ve heard that people can’t change, that is a shame people only God has a different view! It doesn’t matter if your spiritual or not. Todd made a change for his ‘life’ so she would have a dad and not an afterthought!

My ‘life’ is important to me but I have nothing to prove you! I don’t need my mom or dad painting a view of who I am or need to be for you!

I don’t approve anyone’s message but my own.

My God this Black Girl can’t get lost, I have to make a way to get to her soon…


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