Get The Message?

In a sea full of words I could not pick out your tone. I loved you, I just wanted you to answer, but all I heard was a dial tone!You dropped the phone.

The voice resonating from my bitterness is keeping my heart black, and solid as stone. My mind is racing because I can see your mind’s finger tips erasing the message I left on your heart last time we talked via the phone.

You ignored my note, forgot my quote, you lost touch with what I spoke. I know because I wrote what’s in the note!

Now I see you are flexing your muscle! The mind game is filled with all your rhetoric and your strong quotes! Thats your real hustle!

In your ignorance my heart lost hope, but my mind renewed in the wrath of getting even with what your mouth never said but the voice of reason spoke.

And I quote..

You will learn the wrath of this bitter man in due time. You just pushed me out of your letter and towards a new thin line. I have been pushed into the envelope and towards the brink of emotional death. No need for a stamp, my message will reach you through express! Check your BBM, no need to block my text!

Get the message?


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