I forgot about me?

I forget some days that I neglect who I am to be in a conversation full of strangers who all seem to know what is on my mind.Truth is my life is not what state they live in!

We have similar issues because we live through the same windows. We all look at the same TV, yet we all deal with the commercials and issues differently.

I forget something everyday.  That can be detrimental to my growth!

Or is it?

People daily pass off what I would call things that bother me and my heart. I forget to call my daughters. I learn that I missed someone’s birthday. I forget to pay a bill. It’s as if I can give a pass to some things (value) and other things I let slide (I deem them as invaluable.)

In our laps of living the same life daily, there is not change indwelling inside us. We sometimes go into an occasional lapse of memory.  To some people we are lulled to sleep with consistent disobedience to the truth. We treat life and relationships as comical and trivial the wake up call hits hard when it targets our emotions and the truth’s of the matter of the life and death of our minds and hearts.

Truth is we cannot forget the good things that happen to us because we expect them to happen over and over. We must fight for the things we want to consistently bring us joy. They do not stay the same. A relationship with someone doesn’t stay the same it changes.

For the better, or our worse!

If you choose to stay stagnant, someone else is either growing towards you, or growing apart from themselves to be better or disintegrate to worse!

When we choose to forget key elements in our relationships we are tested in how much they mean to us!

Does this person add to my life? If so why am I trying to subtract their accumulation from my life? Why do I push those away who bring value to my purpose? Why am I not adding to anyone else?

At times we are hungry for someone to add something to our lives when we must realize that their truth is already adding to us!

Question is can we discern when it’s adding?

If it’s a hindrance to our growth, are we honest enough with ourselves to be honest with others? Are we giving back, or accepting fate?

In life you cannot just take without giving!

You are literally stealing someone’s ideas out of the necessities that you cannot create your own!

Realize that there are two sides to a relationship, and 100% coming from each person. When we forget what we can add, we become less than 100%. In essence we ask someone else to be 100% of themselves and an unknown percentage of the lack of us!  Don’t have too much of yourself that you gain amnesia of who you were meant to be.

In your prosperity of finding ‘IT’ or accomplishing ‘THAT” don’t lose focus of who is riding with you. One day you might turn and see that no one is driving, and that you are on a road to a prideful crash.


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