Just Cause

“Just because” I write doesn’t mean I don’t Love you!

I Love you “just because.” I write so you can see it in plain view. You can tell your friends that I secretly penned the verse to the song they heard you sing.  I was in plain sight but out of their view.

They blush while  you already saw the preview. You already reviewed my picture of Love, you know what the outcome is to this new hue. You’ve already seen the inside of my mind.I screened you at the gate, and God let you through!

I will always Love you when the cup is half empty without me, because God will always make you full! With me inside your cup Love is always full!

God mixed us together to be the picture perfect drink, an elixir of the taste of unconditional Love seen from above! I cant wait to hear God’s review of me and you! Just because I write doesn’t mean I don’t value your views. My writing is my portrait, please sit back and enjoy the view.


One thought on “Just Cause

  1. JadaRae says:

    This is beautiful.

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