Pipe Dream

I get slept on like the futon’s of doubt. Sleep hard if you choose!

I’ll shoot off my thoughts while you dream, no need to wake up, I’ll hit the snooze button to awake the nightmare’s you had in a pipe dream.

Unbreakable you!

I’ll tap dance on your mind’s trance as I reach the birth of your subconscious views! One by one my mellifluous lexicon’s of synaptic words will reach your mind connecting, nouns and verbs.

Im online to find the nook of your mind, some sought, never to find. They didn’t ask the magic words. Just listen you said, their volume was up to loud .

They lost you in the unmuted heartbeats of fate that saw them feel their own shine.  Volumes of  the metaphors they spoke put images  of Love to death. I paint life, I pronounce those old thoughts, a random death threat.

I can change the game with one breath! I’ll listen to your breath so I can syncopate my thoughts to line up, and walk hand in hand and step by step.

I marry the life anew to the words in your view. The window to your soul is transparent. From the outside its a majestic, inspiring view!


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