We create Weapons of Mass Hysteria to tear up and rile up the emotions of everyone!

We are wrong about their use. The weapons are words and are not always readily diffused! Some words we use to diffuse a situation to live to fight again against one person or against one nation of the followers of many men.

They abuse, confuse, and stab the emotions of the kindest conversation to leave you in an aftermath, of picking up the pieces of many views.

Did I just get hit with a subpoena of words that will have my thoughts jailed?

Useless words will destruct the construct of a great idea. It will leave you hurling insults to build foundations of a new serene scene. The person that spat those words might not have seen the new horizon coming, but the skies are bleakest when words of anger blare into airwaves.

Words are weapons and can destroy your character.  Give people a minstrel show of who you are, who’s your master, and settle a dispute with an astute measure of your aptitude for destruction!

Man that’s a crystal clear view!

Will we know how to diffuse our views, when we need to ask for the expressed written consent of the followers words we often RT in life saying “hey I thought that too!”

The war of words can be a battle of piercing missiles of gray leaving a sky of burnt oranges and smoke in words of hidden clues. Heat seeking verbs while always find the hearts of anger, don’t destroy with today’s most powerful toy!


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