How to Move…

I forgive, I forget, I move past. I move on to the past to remember the pain.  I choose to forgive and forget!

I am strong for others, but I don’t heed the advice myself. Did I move?

God how long can I hold on?

The hurt, the despair, the lost air. God I declare, how long can I take the lashes?

I batted my eyes as the blows buzzed by. I was stung by the words that hung me out to dry when I allowed others to sooth my emotions by listening to loud voice in a quiet time.

God I prayed, but I don’t like the answer I got from you!

Did you leave without me, or did I leave without you? Did you doubt me?

I Love you God!

I love as strong as you asked me to Love. I forgave over and over until my heart spilled over. I’m over whatever it is yet, I’m over flowing with pain. I know life isn’t easy that’s why there is always a chance rain on a sunny day.


One thought on “How to Move…

  1. JadaRae says:

    This is a post that I definitely needed to read today. Thank you.

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