I Write To The God In You

I don’t write to save you from pain, I write to release the past and move on from the pain. I write to share with you that life after all is the same. Stop putting a value on if you hurt more or Love more.

I may not know you or know who exactly plotted your pain, maybe you feel cheated, but remember you are in control of what you perceive as pain.

God resonated with me to shed light on my mistakes and learn from them be never repeating my tales of the blues.  I want to bring you out of the darkness of doubt and feel the empathy of my words.

I make it plain that I am not the same day by day. I write my mind by searching the places (my heart) I wouldn’t have touched years ago. We can agree because I agreed to let God into my heart.

Therefore I choose to release the fear of what I let others before me put in my mind.

Gentlemen I speak up because we are always spoken to and never spoken of. Ladies I speak to let you know good men exist! We exist when you open your mind and allow your heart to pour out forgiveness. Ladies we exist when we take off the mask of what we want to perceive, and start to live the dreams we want to meet!

I share these words today because I am no different then you. Some days I’m confused. Some days I forget that God is the reason I have the chance to be renewed and not complain about the same thing.

Yet I know He is why I live! I choose to doubt! I decide who bothers my voice or what I feel!

To pull at your heart-strings I have to be the testimony of what has been done and what I have learned from the things that happened before I met you, and the chance encounter you will meet my voice before you see the physical manifestation that is me. I hear you brother. I feel you sister. I Love you my family.

I do all this so you understand that even though you feel no one hears you; at least know that God speaks through people to reach you.

Live the things you go through, there is a lesson in everything you do. You have to live out the positive so you can kick out the negative!

I want to talk about it! I look to change what’s not right to what God wants for me!

Question is… Can God talk? Or would you rather listen to your complaints?

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2 thoughts on “I Write To The God In You

  1. Beth says:

    Continue to share, continue to learn, continue to life your destiny! As always, it is a pleasure to read!

    • Thank you Beth! Im growing into myself! I wont lie some days I doubt what I do becuase of what I hear, the negaivity of others, and the actions that proceed them. I know I have to step up on faith, not step out of faith! Thank You for being a part of my reality!

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