Missing View (you)

In reaching the mountain top I lost views and attained me while losing you. I screamed to tell you i made it, but I was overtaken by the breathtaking view. The emotional avalanche left me paralyzed by Love. I made it to the pinnacle yet I hate the view without you.

I caught frostbite in my extremities, because my reality is thawed. Everything I need is encased in the space I left for your Love to fill. Even at the empty I am full of your warm embrace of breath. You gave my thoughts aspiration!

The echoes of my heartbeat caused an avalanche of Love to cascade down my spine paralyzing my mind and allowed you to serenade free of thoughts across natures timeline.

The higher I go the thinner my air got, the heart valves were turned up to breath of life. The aroma of your Love from above rained down airways to fly high away. There is no other way to breathe a breath of fresh air then to go it alone. Resuscitate my Love Jones! I cant’ stand in this air alone…

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3 thoughts on “Missing View (you)

  1. js says:

    Love the way your mind works!! Brilliant job 😉

  2. JadaRae says:

    I absolutely love this…

  3. StarvingStudent says:

    This was intense. Loved it!!!

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