(Your)Reflection’s Eternal

I look at the reflections in the water of life. Deeper and deeper my soul searches for the Love I grasp dear. I fall more enthralled and closer to despair only to find the moments I’ve shared floating away with the tides of time, they have evaporated into thin air, did I lie with my rhymes?

I reach and claw closer to the realization of the serene thought-provoking moments that drown my mind in the reflections that ripple away like false thoughts that escape my mind.

I escape to a dive into the sublime freedom of the waters that God created. It’s your world I’m in gasping for AIR in. Searching for a glimpse of a shadow of the moments that have passed above my waters.

I plummet into the deep abyss of my soul as I learn to swim and learn to breathe your words in whole. The gills I’ve grown for our Love has allowed me to search the waters of your life to create a refreshing reflection I can now create from deep within.

The rays of every dream and emotion you have ready for you and I are far from the depth I am at but will never take away the reflections that you have in store for the future. With these reflections each drop of my heart ripples into time.

Every time I cry, I get closer to you. The ripples of my heart reach out to communicate the best attribute of life, LOVE!


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