Give or Take?

People constantly give and take the Love they receive and share with others. At times we are Indian givers of the lives we lead by becoming the fears of the lives no one can see . The internal battles we face show the ugly side of our two-faced lives that we lead from inside “our” house.

We look to give in Love, while the flesh is looking to take.

Where we lie sets the tone for the affections of the conjured ideas of our mind and emotions. aesthetically we appear to be visually appealing to be the illusion of the faults, shortcomings we want to hide. We all want to be picture perfect imperfections of the manipulative fabrics of life. Constantly we are in a struggle of being the tapestry of emotions, always getting pulled and tugged.

When will we stop to look at the trail of hurt we leave? When will communication get back to phone calls, in face conversations, and “real talk”? Can genuine concern trump the fear of knowing the truth yet learning nothing in the lesson?

As a whole when will personal responsibility be the reason for chastisement? Why can we not come face to face with those emotions and travel to the far reaches of our imagination and bring the reality back to life?

Why can’t we give Love without expecting to receive hate (negativity)?


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