Commit Too…

No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs: he wants to please his commanding officer’ (2Timothy 2:4 NIV)

In reading that verse you come to realize that we have to be careful about what we commit to. Nowadays words are just something to pass the time. Something to use to get noticed in a conversation, or a passing glance to steal the attention of someone else’s words.

We make commitments to ourselves, our neighbors, God, and things we have not even spoken of.

There are three distinct kinds of commitment…

  1. Dramatic commitments. For the women when you get married, and for the fellas when you get to buy that home that you have always envisioned your family living in! We always tend to look at things in a dream sequence, and we do not realize the hidden costs. For the fellas when we buy the house or marry that woman we see the happiness. The two car garage, the lawn we will mow, and how much space we will have to show off to others.  Look again!  Understand that you will have extra countless hours spent away from that family, that house, that wife, those children. Commuting, sacrificing, to pay the cost.
  2. Routine commitments. In nature the routine things we do seem so small because they are habits we have practiced to their perfection. In essence we are all the doctors of are habits! Years in practice, and then people we interact get our diagnosis of what we have come to learn. Routine’s have an underestimated power! Parents can follow me on this one! When you have a child that has a sports practice, recital, etc. Even a husband, boyfriend that needs a ride,  these all have the time-consuming potential of being a routine commitment.
  3. Unspoken commitments. Like those New Years resolutions that people make, they are in murky waters! The resolution is nothing new, it is the reincarnation of an old goal that never saw the light of day! We make these commitments to ourselves, but fail to keep them!

In our lives the drama of knowing the next step commits us to seek dramatic commitments our most attention. In todays culture the attention span for anything is short-lived unless it is self-imposed! The routine of doing something ie. a job, watching the kids, etc. controls us to an exponential degree!

Being that there are so many routines that we have to juggle, we are bombarded . The routines insignificantly look small and minute, but we do not sense the growing gap between what we SAY matters the most, and what we actually put time and effort into.

In short we need to make God a routine, love our neighbors, and measure our lives by the routine we have in Him!

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6 thoughts on “Commit Too…

  1. Beth says:

    Isn’t it interesting how what we view as “everyday” and “mundane,” can have such an affect on our lives?

    • I ran across this when I was writing something else. It struck me right where I was, because I was rushing to get into my routine. The things we want we make time for. The things we need we put off until they breakdown or they are on the verge of leaving us ( relationships, people, jobs, etc.)

  2. Niaka says:

    So true. We have all these other commitments and forget that if we just be committed to God and make him our daily routine, our lives will be less stressful.

  3. Jodi Riley says:

    Nice blog thanks for tweeting it to me! You’re so correct that we forget to make God and spiritual development a routine. One thing I like to have my clients practice is making gratitude a ritual. Saying thanks to God (however one might refer to him) is a great first step in getting back to committing oneself to a higher power.

    • I’m bothered at times of how important my job is compared to my faith, my family, etc. In all facets of life money, standings, and what people think are becoming paramount to the ascension of false promises! Happiness…

  4. JadaRae says:

    This was a great post.

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