The GAME…You Play?

Emotion-less we move in stress. Emotion’s sex. Sometimes we have intercourse with the mind of another to birth the children of the thoughts we want to raise.

We move words with emotions. Looking to move another to change with the ebb and flow of verbs to summon to action the verbal intercourse of helping someone lose themselves and birth the person we want to put to bed.

Men at times look to lay down to whisper the sweet nothings of blank words so we can wipe her slate clean to put a new memory of old habits in her mind.

That is the reality of sleeping with the enemy.

Fellas I’m not just looking at you, I’m looking at me too! We have all played a mind game or two. Tried to reason with another by easing them into a game only we could win. There was no way she could win, and no way I could lose!

Women don’t get all giddy like you haven’t called a few plays to get your games across too! As men we have fallen from grace to make mistakes because emotions were used to break down a pseudo tough exterior only to find a momma’s boy you women play to shame!

Who is to blame?

We are all to blame that we play vicious word games so we can be in control of two people when we aimlessly lose control of the one in the mirror.

The view we misconstrued is now the other person we are looking at who doesn’t look like the words we used to misdirect, fool and confuse.

Let’s be careful with the snares we use. Sometimes they are not booby traps. Often the snare is before the bass drum of the heartbeat’s we break when we look to play the wrong notes on a melodic harmonious tune.


2 thoughts on “The GAME…You Play?

  1. JadaRae says:

    “Often the snare is before the bass drum of the heartbeat’s we break when we look to play the wrong notes on a melodic harmonious tune.”
    I love it!!

  2. DaiDaGlamazon says:

    I heart this piece…this is some real stuff…It made me began to look in the re-fracted mirror and come to terms that I too have beguiled men with harmonious word play and mind games, all in the vain of I can’t let him/them win or have dominance over me!

    Wow when in the long run I robbed myself the space to nuture potential possibilities of mutality with another human being…This silly game of I dont want to fall in Love is so foolish…and toxic to self!

    High Five you did it again! Keep writing the world we need to hear ya voice…drum on…

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