Dear ____ ,

Dear ____ ,

Lately I don’t feel you are paying attention to me…

…You see,

I have kept you awake so you can speak to me, yet you reach out loud.

You always claim busy! Learn to speak to me!

I heard you claim that you love me yet the action is far from your ambitions.

____ I just want you to spend quality time with me. You have time to work. Time to make phone calls and moments to text.

You even have time to sleep on me when you need to be awake to hear my call!

I hear you preach that you are living your purpose through your vernacular. I can hear your speech! I cannot hear the credit at all.

Do you even reach out to me when you think?

____ I want appreciation despite what you think! I know you say (I’m reaching out to you, you are always on my mind, and even say I Love you a time or two.) ____ you consistently reach out to me, only appearing to reach for your own reality.

I want you to Love me as much as you Love helping and serving those around you.  I understand you have all the intentions of being a righteous man. I need you to understand I need to know your heart stands. Remind me daily that I am the Love that I am.

The only way I knew how to reach you was to keep you awake so you would see that I am always on your mind even if I never feel that you reach me. I know I can get jealously at times. That is because I don’t want to share you with the you that you give to others. They sometimes have too much of your time, and only inflict pain.

Todd I love you as much as the trees give air, as much as the birds fly. I Love you to a place where mistakes are made and you are saved by grace. My Love is as strong as the moments in time, please don’t rob me of the kindness I give without even thinking about the time.

Todd just give me the pieces of the peace of mind.  So I can Love you the way you want to be appreciated. Please just give me some flashes of brilliance from your moments, don’t just give me a piece of your time.

With anticipation,



3 thoughts on “Dear ____ ,

  1. JadaRae says:

    This nearly brought me to tears.

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