Dear Faith,

As I look back over these times I am reminded that without God I would not be here. Before God stepped in I didnt know where here would be. I was there and thought I would stay there because I didnt know how to get hear.

By the looks of my dreams or my struggles reality, I could only imagine what would be in store for me. I now know God can fulfill when I choose to let Him guide my esteem that powers my dreams!

All along I said I trusted Him, yet I trusted my circumstances and always asked why “me”. Struggle was the image of my mind’s interpretation of what was.

At times it’s not the lies that tame our spirit, it’s the truth we give to the illusions we perceive and believe in.

Today I am glad I allowed God to work with the passion and desires of my aspirations.

I am a spirit. A growing father. An ever-changing man. A giver. A man of service. I am an imperfect pawn.  If I didn’t have faith all of those things would be lost every time I fell. I would always fall. I would not have reached today’s pinnacle if I had stay attached to yesterdays defeats.

A lesson cannot be learned unless a teaching has been passed!

God kept my faith by blinding me to what I knew and painted a more vivid picture. I didn’t see what was already in me. God was in the midst of me. All I had to do was reach out to Him. That way He could speak to me…

With Love,


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One thought on “Dear Faith,

  1. JadaRae says:

    This one brought me to tears as it also has hit home in far too many ways. I must thank you for again being obedient to what God has told you to do.

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