I Rise…

The birds that sing to me make it audibly clear that an inaudible God exists. Even as my eyes look upon the things I cannot hear, I say good morning.Birds, they have no career. The reality of their needs being met is a mystery in seasons of fear. I hear their voices each morning as they christen another day.  The recent past is over, and the reality is today!

I never question why they chirp or what they speak. All I know is I am overjoyed to hear them, I listen when God speaks! It lets me know I have another shot to reach my potentials peak!

Their songs of Love let me know God is real because I can aurally hear the faith God has put into the surroundings of what is audibly serene.

God gave me a song of beautiful solliquays I can only enjoy when I turn my other senses off, and make sense of why birds sing their dreams. They are speaking to me, piquing my dreams, allowing me to hear the testimony of life on Earth that truly shows me what God really means.

“I can provide for you if you believe in me.”

The birds cannot speak, yet they know God already has their needs fulfilled… Just listen when you wake up… Changes are abound when you let go, and let God sing your needs!

Unconditional charity flies over fear and above Love. That is the reality in the Love of a good dream!

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One thought on “I Rise…

  1. JadaRae says:

    I love this.

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