Living a Life of Gratitude

Listening to the voice of reason led me to the interpretation of my life’s current season.

I know I have been called to do something new in life that has me in another place that is unfamiliar to me. Strange to some that I am going in another direction, but in this moment I am not running from God. I am walking towards my service!

I ran from God most of my life only to find that he was always running along side me. Whispering to me “Todd just trust me, I’m in everything your heart needs.” Through trials and tribulations, Love and personal frustrations, all I needed to do was call out to Him.

I consistently chose myself as my own (one) way.

God is asking me to be a vessel of inspiration I cannot run from. I am being held to a higher level of accountability and responsibility. My life has forever changed. I have moments of fear.  Being rejected, neglected, disrespected,  and shunned by those people who speak Love to me.

I remind my heart and soul daily that when you are called to do something for God it is your chance to show the growth of your relationship.

I show that God is using that something as a testimony showing my maturation in the lessons I have gone through, to the triumphs of how I will get through.

It may be seen as a toot of my own horn, but God is always heard the loudest when his words are spoken silently!

Just because I pray and have a message I want to convey does not exempt me from the struggles that everyone my see when I too fall in reaching my dreams!

My struggles certainly are un(seen), and un(heard), but they are real! I have come to understand that God specializes in fixing all of our broken, severed, sprained,and bruised parts. Ego’s need not apply. They bruise easily when it comes to being heard!

From nothing doing, to actions moving my display of God’s portrait of my heart is real!

He can heal people with issues, relationships that seem to have no way, and things we feel that aren’t working in our favor.

God placed a manual of Love in my heart. Teaching me how to be victorious, and blessed. He also showed what disobedience, foolishness and strife can lead to.

He sung the soundtrack to my life before I ever heard a mumbling word. He heard me even before I knew how to comprehend his words! Knowing his mercy and grace gives me the toughness and steadfastness to come face to face with anything.

There is a strong distinction between the treasure and the vessel. The treasure inside me is a gift from God.

We are the vessel!

The treasure is inside of all of you! God places His treasure within our hearts. He prizes, protects and prospers us!

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


One thought on “Living a Life of Gratitude

  1. JadaRae says:

    You are right on the money with this. Continue to travel on the journey that God has shown you. It is far more amazing and fantastic than you realize.

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