Shadow of Light

I stand behind the darkness so I can absorb the teaching I find hiding behind my imperfections.

Cue the lights!

I fall short to get up with a lesson of how to move in the long-term.

This moment, I want to get it right.

I stumble to fall upon God’s grace and mercy. God I truly do want to get it right. I want to be a soldier for your fight. I want to save souls, to make them whole and to know that you are the one and only.

You light the path to reach the understanding and knowledge we try to meet by listening to our emotions and feeling soothed by how much we look right.

Sound right? Feel right? We’re always wrong because we end up alone in a crowd of silence, yet we still cannot hear your light. Right?

I am someone who doesn’t have it all together but my mind moves with calculated steps to move with the syncopated treble clefts of one who looks like I got my walk right. Follow the heartbeat…

…I don’t always have pinpoint precision, but my mission in life is to aim high. That way I’m always God’s right on His time. I get closer to the bull’s-eye.

Time waits for no man.

Time is fleeting so it ‘s not always about the right timing. When your heart is pricked to do the right thing take your arms and wrap your heart around the idea. In God’s arms fear disappears and Love is evermore near!


One thought on “Shadow of Light

  1. JadaRae says:

    Great post. Very transparent. Thank you for this post.

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