What’s Going On? 

All the two cents in the world doesn’t amount to change if no one reaches out to collect the positive thoughts of helping dollars instead of nonsense! Everyone has a voice of opinion, but when it comes down to it are people thrown under the bus?
Consistently in the news, we read our community’s comments on how to put people down instead of lifting them up. It  makes me want to put my foot down and not in someone’s behind. We need a revolution in this generation of people who are willing to stand for those who don’t know the way.
Use all the two cents to speak for millions who in other words don’t have something audible to say!

No I do not have all the answers to solve Black America’s problems, but I do know what all the wrong things seem to be. People pedestals are all people as human being’s, but as we see everyday why do we place the spotlight of shame on them.? Is it because we too have the same problems and like to see others fall to lime light? Do we give celebrities or people in a spotlight a podium in a light to speak for us ?

Black America gives people on TV, music, pastor’s, church figures a pedestal because we are scared to speak up for ourselves. At times the people who speak for us have the wrong voice, their own views that we never investigate or question. We are victim’s of other people’s success and not our own aspirations.

We remain to have pocket conversations, groups, Facebook chats, blog posts, and the internet to get our Black Panther feeling on. There are a lot of keyboard thugs out there that are quick with the keystroke, and then in person have fewer peeps then the bird on your tweet deck!

Silence is golden, but in this age we need those who have a silent word to say to have an un-muted voice! You would think we run on daytime minutes, and all we can do is text our complaints! I am not the only person that feels this way, so why am I the one who wants to SPEAK UP?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On? 

  1. Let's Talk says:

    Thats good. We all have a VOICE, and all will know once we put it to use. But for those who has not yet discovered there VOICE we who have, will have to speak for them. Keep up the good work…

    Let’s Talk

  2. JadaRae says:

    Awesome post!!!

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