I Get Out

I get out. From the alleyways and rainy streets. I get out.

The walls of fear closed inside of me, but I get out. You can no longer chain my feet, because I fall to my knee’s, I get out.

The pity party was a one-way invitation to allow misery to wallow inside of me. I’m getting out!

My oppression became an obsession, with repeated debilitating lessons. The imagery injected emotions never reflected. I undervalued what I appreciated.


My heart went through recession. I need a bail-out!

God I needed you most when I shut off your power and turned the lights down.

The psychological tape enclosed me, the words only I could see.  The loudspeaker of  immaturity shouted my insanity. I had to pray my way out of a lurid dream.

I got caught up in what lies beneath. Superficial layers ran deep and blunted my reality.  I kept quiet far too long.

My mind silenced my wrong to wrong’s. My thoughts couldn’t get out.

I accepted what God rejected. I neglected promises I previously accepted. I couldn’t learn from God because mistakes became my blessing. I choose to listen to my message.

The dark reality became a desperate collection of unwavering worry and fear. I felt neglected.

The light of my soul flickered as I remained in pieces. Am I whole?

I went from powerful, to offensive.  Belligerent words left me careless and reckless!

The words of my mouth began to play a subliminal message.

“ Popularity is the way. My new message. I wanna be accepted!”

I blinded my eyes by turning  to deception. Through love’s light I learned what God has already accepted.


The heart of a man psychologically locked down by putrid scenes. God, thank you!

I’m me with imperfections. I’m no longer a growing insecurity!


One thought on “I Get Out

  1. JadaRae says:

    As always… a great post.

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