Monthly Archives: August 2010

God? You There?

Society never reports good news anymore.

CNN, ABC, 60 minutes ?

Is there a wonderful story of bravery in the world?  Images of hope, nope!  Despair, calamity, and confusion are in the midst of what we follow. Continue reading



Be awake to receive the words… too many good things are working in your favor!

God is your joy!

When prayers and action abound nothing can blockade your piece’s of mind. Put the thoughts together to create a peace in kind…

Rhyme Javelin

I shot put words to feed the poor at heart. I use verbs to get the wheels turning in your mind and move your heart. I toss kindness, meekness, and integrity so you see the verses that are in my open book. You can affirm what’s in my heart by watching how I live out my purposeful dreams. Continue reading

Rainy Daze

Rain signals a new beginning, while washing a way an old ending.  Hope for better day is seen in the clouds.  Rain can release you from something that must come to pass. Water reminds us that we can be flexible yet give us a chance to see things in a different light. Continue reading


A faithful servant.  I prepare to serve and protect the Love I have for those who appreciate my heart. I protect my Love to serve the words that free you from the bonds of fear. The fear we leave is all but lost. Continue reading


Out?! Out where? Out of luck because we scream a recession in fear but are willing to spend 100 bucks for a cell phone that locks away my text and voice’s my illusions opinions? Continue reading

a small disclaimer

The messages you receive in life are for you and no one else who reads through your heart.

This message was not prepared with your name on it, but if it fits.

WEAR IT! Continue reading

Back II Life

We need to stop convincing the world that we are getting better when we seem worse.  Birds of a feather flock together. In bad weather we are moving with the crowd because we are more comfortable in misery then the pain we hide in feelings inside. Continue reading

Sound Check

No sound. No voice. No verbs.

Words think over obstacles like predicates and subjects. Words that connect.

Can I use a noun or a verb to dissect dialect? Continue reading

Why Lie?

Why do I lie when you reply?

Did He when He made me?

Did I when I built a lie that would destroy?

I created a monster once I started lying. You starting crying, hearts started dying. Continue reading