Things A Woman Rarely Hears…

…I appreciate what you do for our family.

…You hold us together. Thank you God!

…I’m proud of you.

…I know my purpose in life.

…I promise I will do my best.


 let me massage the stress away.

…I don’t want you to be just happy. I want you to be overjoyed.

…lets eat healthy so we can mature together.

…let me assist you. (I don’t always need to fix you. Sometimes you want me to hear you out. Just be there to listen.)

 I cried because I wasn’t giving you my all. Do you forgive me?

…I listen by remembering every detail you tell me.

…I don’t expect anything from you. I appreciate you as imperfect.

…I believe in the reality of our relationship. I pay no attention to the fantasy that society paints of unity.

…I have faith in where God is growing us.

…I appreciate your family. They helped groom you to be a woman!

…I missed your smile today! It allowed me to miss the entrance to your heart.

…you are everything that God intended you to be. I am humbled.

…I am saying “no” so we can go further. Please listen to me. God is inspiring my direction.

…let’s go out to eat! You sit down while I cook.

…I want to write how I feel. Sometimes I’m enamored by you and I lose the words.

…beautiful, lovely, special, virtuous, queen.

…I took off from work just so we could lay in each others arms all day and talk in silence.

…I don’t have to pretend with you. I can be the man you need me to be.

…lets spend quality time with God to see who we are at the core.


you compliment the standards my mother instilled in me!


 I’m tired of trying. I want to be what God expects of me.


3 thoughts on “Things A Woman Rarely Hears…

  1. Marie says:

    What a WONDERFUL list you have here! Many tug at my heart, but the sappy side of me absolutely loves….

    “…I took off from work just so we could lay in each others arms all day and talk in silence.”

    Do you know how LOUDLY this speaks?

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. TIA says:

    I LOVE THIS.. must respect to a man that can speak the #truth….

  3. JadaRae says:

    So nice to hear/read those words, even though they weren’t directed to me. LOL I don’t think men realize how important it is to say things like that to women. And I don’t think they understand the impact those phrases can have on the relationship…

    Thank you for this post…

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