Eye Apologize

When I looked into your eyes I saw the transparencies of the lies I once spoke.

I apologize face to face.

I pray you appreciate it.

The deeper I go the more shallow I start to breathe.

You take my breath away as I ask,

how you can love me?

The reflections of pain and frustrations leave me naked to the truth.

I can no longer use the images that deceive your views.

I am given life and love when I allow my heart to speak the truth.

I came to this conclusion when I raised my head from the depths of sorrow.

I thank you,

for allowing me to pray towards our future.

Im humbled that you can forgive me.


3 thoughts on “Eye Apologize

  1. JadaRae says:

    Absolutely beautiful, and so very transparent! Lovely.

  2. Miss J says:

    Beautiful rendition of love and forgiveness. I can admit forgiving is not easy to do, but its something that must be done in order to move forward in life.

  3. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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