Dimensions of Love

There is a dimension of Love we have not reached yet.

We have tried to teach each other about self without seeking the teachers test.

Love is unfathomable! So deeper I swim to reach what is next within. The smell of sweet waters lead me to deep breaths of imagining Love near still waters.

I pay attention to you not in what I see. I use all my senses to learn every part of you that is a part of me.

I caress the beautiful song your influence speaks when I hear your heart speak to me. From the harp strings that pluck when the air you breath reaches you dreams.

The honey that flows from you mouth leaves a wonderful smell to the air I taste. I gain nourishment from breathing the words you speak.

Is this what Love can mean?

I want to bask in the garden that is cultivated before my eyes. Undisturbed, I want to explore the curves of the vines that bring forth the fruit that bears the nourishment for our Love.

I climb many levels to sample the true feelings about Love. The dormant plants I reached were at eye level.

Behold my beloved I sunk when I reached out to the thorns of plants that bear spoiled fruit. They tempted me and left me wanting more.

I though it was Love? No, it was an overindulgence in an abundance of spoiled fleshy spoils!

I’ve had enough spoiled fruit to know what I want at my apple’s core. I want to explore the unknown to know what I’ve known is not what I look forward towards.

The love I seek will be a beautiful smell to a man blinded by thorns. I reached out for lilies, and came up with thorns.

I cannot be blind to Love if I can’t appreciate the beauty of her poem. The never-ending encore of her honey soaked melody, that always leaves a wet pillow after my dreams.

I prayed so much I’m still living inside the bosom of your caressing energy. What a serene dream!

Love is inside the garden. I can live in the substance that will sustain my every need.

Love, you are setting the bond of fear free.

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