Thing a Woman Rarely Hears (2)…

…I want to communicate to a place where I know your heart better than you do.

…I want to listen to your heart. What does it have to say.


 I prayed today. (for us)


 God is working on me.

…I’m in Love with you.


 I appreciate the peace you bring us.

…I apologize for making you wait on me. im glad you were patient.

… I appreciate what you give.

…I am not willing to run out on you. God never ran out on me. i am willing to work on us!

…Lets get married!



…God guides this relationship.


…I called your job, you are off tomorrow so we can relax without worrying. It’s just me and you…

…I know I don’t know how to get out of this situation, issue, etc. I want to pray about it with you.

… I will sacrifice to get us to a better place.

…I’m learning about God, can you help me?

…I went to church today, and wanted to discuss the message with you.

…I love God, I love you. God forgave me, I definitely can forgive you. I love you because God lives in me.

…I can take a seat on the bench, so you can shine. I value my place, I know where I stand, I can lead by learning.

…You are in school so I know time will be sacrificed for the greater good. I appreciate your vision!

…I saw the dishes, and decided to clean them before they piled up.

…I thought of you today, when I prayed for our relationship.

…I knew you had to study, so I brought you a snack. You can gaze into my eyes and see where we are heading.

…You look beautiful when you smile.

 I cooked for us, so we could relax and talk.


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