Things a Woman Rarely Hears (2)…

…I cooked for you. I knew you were tired.

…Hello beautiful, I thought about how we could be better, you willing to follow?

…I don’t know enough about you, so I’m going to God to understand a woman.

…God promised you to me. I need to keep me end of the deal!

You are lovely.

…I’m not here to complete you. God is here to complement and accentuate who we are together.

…God is the head of my life, is he the head of yours?

…I’m learning to Love. Be patient.

…I’m ready to Love you, and build a family through God.

…You do not have a role. Let’s share the responsibilities.

…Your character of beauty matches the lovely smile you give me.

… I love you (w/ sincerity)

…I love God so much. I know how to Love and forgive you by following Him.

…Ok beautiful, I am listening to you inspire me!

…Let me fulfill your needs,can I compliment your world?

…How can I appreciate you better?

…I want to kiss you. On your heart.

…I wish you were with me so we could smile at each other.

…Let us spend time in each other by being vulnerable to fear.

…I don’t know me, but I do know God is the reason I Love you. I am willing to learn who I am through God.

…Lets study what God has purposed for our relationship.

…I submit to you.

…You are my helpmate.

…I need your assistance to get it right.

…I see you made a mistake, but I need to help you, not speak at you.

…Can we grow together instead of people independently apart?

…You are in my thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Things a Woman Rarely Hears (2)…

  1. Let's Talk says:

    I love this!! I wish more men thought like you.. keep inspiring,

    Let’s Talk

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