Things a Woman Rarely Hears (3)…

…I couldn’t give you the world, so I prayed and asked God to give us each other as a blessing.

I know you like watching girlie movies, I will compromise and watch with you, no strings attached.


..Lets go to church together.

…How can we get better?

..Goodnight, I wanted God to be the last thing we spoke of.

…Hey, lets share time together by learning our feelings.

…I respect you for who you are, yet I see the best in you.

…I truly called to hear you breathe, it brings life to me.

…Good morning, I called to pray with you.

…Lets take a drive and view where we are going together.

…Lets go out for ice cream.

…I am coming home so we can relax together.

…Lets go for a walk. In our minds together.

..God is the reason I can Love you, it’s not up to my standards, but God’s standards.

…A message from a man saying, hello, I wanted to hear your voice, so I left you a message.

…A man opening a car door, holding a door, pulling out a seat…

…I don’t understand how to be a man, I’m asking God for directions, will you follow me?


..A man talk about God just as much as he talks about himself.

…Your voice.


..Getting a phone call instead of hearing the finger taps of a text message.

…I trust you.


..We both had a rough day yet I want to make yours better, how are you today _______?

…I messed up. Can we go to God together and figure it out?

I adore you.

…You are right, and I am wrong. I can admit you know something I don’t.

…I apologize for forgetting you, I am prepared to be what God expects of me.

…God told me to tell you, I’m growing in Love.

…Lets’s pray together.


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