Things a Woman Rarely Hears (4)…

…What can I do to make your evening a relaxation?

…Can I help you with that?

…I appreciate you.




I want to give you Love, with no verbal abuse, I need to communicate with you.

…I need to be the epitome of what you deserve from me, the essence of what God is for you and me.

…I need to give me all to give you all that you deserve. I appreciate all of you!

…Since I Love to give, I must give my heart over to you. God asked me to.

…I want to give my all, yet I will give my life to God so I can learn to be with you.

…I want to reciprocate the thoughts you create when you think of me.

…I want to give you my all. I might fall I time or two.


..I want to share my heart, im shy, im not sure that you will approve.

…I want to spend my life complimenting you.

…How a man truly feels…


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