Open Letters

My letter to you,

I want to give you life, we have lived in death to long. We have listened to the truth,

Too wrong!

Following the music trying to get along. We went wrong because we didn’t listen to what’s right. Our dance was with the wrong theme song.

When the song was over we were tired from singing a sad song. All we had was a lustful moment that lasted a lifetime. A lifetime of illusions gone wrong.

I wanted to be so right.  In my mind there is always a struggle between what’s wrong trying to sound so right. I write to get it out and replace each word with a morsel of what’s right.

I want to be strong like the bond of the prayers I pray to massage the marriage of faith and prayer. I chose life.

I want to bring you to life! I choose to foster the care and appreciation of knowing the application of your power will devour my fear of whats fake. God I don’t want to try.

I believe you already put the power inside me! It’s hidden so I can use it at your due time. I realize if I have not heard the message, I will still hide what is inside.


Thank you for the ability to see what everyone sees that was hidden inside me. Fear and love cannot live together, yet I often live in the mixed emotions of heartless thoughts.

I am the author of my story when I put down the pen and walk with your pride. God thank you for the blessing you hold inside.

If you weren’t present I would not have the gift to share with someone’s life. I understand I have something to offer every person that hears your voice.

God I’m blind.

I’m blinded by your light, it helps move me to action. God I glorify your light by walking down that road in my life.

Looking back helps me see the lesson. I cannot hide. The blueprint of my purpose is written in the words I confide in you. Nestled in the captured depths of my inner life is the passion for you I wish to confide in those ready to go on the journey of my lifetime.


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