We are all actors with a lifestyle of props. Attitudes of doubt red. Lies of get over on you blue that keep the façade of who we are, while we cry about who we knew.

Money, spirituality, sexuality, and sensuality are the props we use to abuse the heart of another misused and abused muse who Loves the sight of the reflection we abuse.

Are you confused?

We are propped up. Often broken down to the surrounding sounds of that inner voice that builds us up. Or the surrounding chorus. A crescendo crashing down.

Some character’s support the key grips that contain moments in life. We either hold fast to what they think, or misplace self by staring into their spotlight.

They replace the fear that inadequately portrays whom we really are by what we really say. The lighting effects what we see, and plays games with what remains when a light blinds a blind eye to the truth.

The lighting in our world shines on the good scenes and is cut from our hearts in the darkness of the bad. The special effects are what happens when we show the power of our light by turning off, and turning on.

Be reborn!


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