I understand…

I understand that I am only a man, and can only command the responsibility I show with the way I use my hands (build or destroy)

I understand the only way I can find you is knowing who I am before I meet you

I understand that I may not understand what you go through, but I understand you want me to be the only one you talk to.

I understand the only way I can step correct is to be mature and build a relationship with God so I can reach inside your heart’s view.

I understand that you may be confused by what I do. Honestly I want you to understand I am simplicity in Love when I fall in Love with the epitome of the essence of your serene hues!

I understand your true colors never run. Understand as a man I need to run towards you. Woman, I understand you compliment the necessity of me.

I understand we need each other to get through! I understand I need you!


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