Back II Life

We need to stop convincing the world that we are getting better when we seem worse.  Birds of a feather flock together. In bad weather we are moving with the crowd because we are more comfortable in misery then the pain we hide in feelings inside.

We feel comfortable when we are around people who are in misery.  The spirit of other people will allow the spirit of their storm and issue steal your safety in the midst life.

The waters wont stop, floods will proceed to heed the words and thoughts you put out. A shout for help will help clear the cloudy day. Rain is for replenishment.

Re-cultivate a new season to help the trees breath. Leaves grow from your heart to renew your mind and shade your heart from the heat of others pain. Often we are in storm because we are dehydrated from what we lack inside. Who we are.

How can we be 72.8 water yet lack the nourishment we need to sustain life?  Now is the this time to get  back to life, instead of worrying about  a bail out.   Save rain water and cultivate a new plan of action.

A flood of joy, love, understating, meekness and charity can come over you to clear out that darkness in your life.


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