Out?! Out where? Out of luck because we scream a recession in fear but are willing to spend 100 bucks for a cell phone that locks away my text and voice’s my illusions opinions?

I can’t buck the trend because I’m spending my last to look like the last fool who repeated these steps. Iv e gone through the trends to be the fallacy of the habits I set!

My kids need food, but I can’t work because my health don’t care about me like Republicans.  They said I can, and “yes we can” but the we isn’t only me, so only I can?

I make more ends, but back to the beginning. You already knew the cost of living would rise like the flood waters of Katrina. The levee of the lies unfold as the high’s rise above the sky, yet pay declines among the cloud 9 dreams they placed across the illusions in my eyes.

I wont get an instant reply! Society plays us over and over and all we do is nod our heads. Glance with a side eye and wink with a blind eye. My,my,my will time fly while we complain, our wasted time!

We get the same story with different characters. It’s amazing that life can be the same bad actors bringing laughter. The scene on the screen becomes too real when we are the characters and the action seems so serene.

No that’s a subliminal dream!

We are always looking to blow up when something happens in our community. Detonate our emotions you say?

Do we ever think that a community starts with the unity inside you and me? Detonate the fear! America can’t be too far gone, that’s why we’re still here.

Let’s stop managing life, leads lead on!


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