Rainy Daze

Rain signals a new beginning, while washing a way an old ending.  Hope for better day is seen in the clouds.  Rain can release you from something that must come to pass. Water reminds us that we can be flexible yet give us a chance to see things in a different light.

At times we get washed away from our remembrance by what we gain with the sunlight!

Don’t stare into the problems that face you when it is dreary in life. The weather doesn’t go according to what attitude you want to wear that day.  The attitude you have can mess up the hairs that stand on your neck.

Are you steady complaining about why you can’t go anywhere or do anything? Are you leading to have that I’m sleepy and don’t feel like working attitude just because it raining?

Don’t let the emotional tides of the rain sway you from what is really important from day to day!

God works non-stop with no excuse, no attitude, or issue, and he is constantly making things grow more when it rains! Stop pestering God about the flood of things you cannot control and let him pour out the blessings you pray about!

Stop staring into the puddle of your problems. Allow God’s reign to create a rainy daze in your life! Stare into God’s grace and mercy and see where he has brought you. Look to where He is leading you!

Stay encouraged…

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


One thought on “Rainy Daze

  1. JadaRae says:

    Love this!!

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