Rhyme Javelin

I shot put words to feed the poor at heart. I use verbs to get the wheels turning in your mind and move your heart. I toss kindness, meekness, and integrity so you see the verses that are in my open book. You can affirm what’s in my heart by watching how I live out my purposeful dreams.

Each word I toss has a trajectory of a specific speed. I can’t reach you with a word if you were not meant to receive what is inside of me.

Some words have to pierce your heart, to get past the mind field of what is under the surface level, but above the nourishing deep waters of where you lay your dreams.

Some words I have to throw, to over throw all the garbage that gets recycled in your mind. I have to drop a bomb to turn you darkness into clear skies and sunshine.

Some words I toss today will never reach you until tomorrow. tomorrow may never come, but I will toss these words to replace those words that tend to sink your heart in a shallow pool of what if’s and negativity.

I will pronounce words clearly so when they are tossed to you, you will know exactly what to do. Show and prove. Stick and move through adversity, the bumps, the bruise, the cruise many might try to vacation your mind while emotions are there ruse.


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