God? You There?

Society never reports good news anymore.

CNN, ABC, 60 minutes ?

Is there a wonderful story of bravery in the world?  Images of hope, nope!  Despair, calamity, and confusion are in the midst of what we follow.

Consistently we bombarded our thoughts with tragedy, and death from within.

The youth in America are dying using senseless acts of violence to gain a voice!

In the midst of a chaotic storm the question is what is God’s role in today’s society? Has God fallen asleep at the most inopportune time?
Has Jesus forsaken us?
As I write I always look to my heart for a refuge to prevail the flood waters of the storms of my choices.  Murky waters subside, yet the waves of sin crest above me as I kneel to ask God, do you care?
Do you really allow these things that come to destroy your child?
Often I cry out to Him and ask “why do the unrighteous around me ascend to do whatever they like?” Are the righteous not as righteous as the seem to be?

Is the facade of a good word not all it’s cracked up to be?

God, I am not alone in feeling the way I feel?

The testimony of the most seasoned of disciple for the Lord at times sounds like a far cry. Their authentic tale of how they made it seems unjustified.
Membership of church alone will not keep me from trials and tribulations that the world sets at my feet.  Doesn’t that challenge the world at large?

God if you care for me why can’t I hear you speak to me out loud? Am I too far gone inside the crowd?

In Mark 4:35-39 we follow God when he calls us to move.
We have a need to respond!
We come to God from different places.  Wounded, worried, and in sin.  Isn’t it ironic that storms didn’t go away when we follow him?
Our lives changed! Issues got stronger. Dark times seemed longer!
What is that?
God are you sleeping on me?
I’m in deep thought when I think about God.

Is God really hearing what I have to say?

Does He see what I have to go through?

Why can’t you step in for me?

God, am I asking for too much not defining the action you put inside of me?

You said you would never forsake me.

Why am I out here in the sea of doubt, alone, fighting the storm of obstacles I can’t see?

God doesn’t forsake or leave us. In our minds He leaves the physical presence of what we can see, and he blinds us to tap into the resources impregnated inside our relationship with Him.
Remember, God doesn’t send us to war without the proper equipment.
The battles we lose are the choices we make that are not in line with our spiritual lifestyle. We don’t know so we can’t sea, what is out there!
Has God really forsaken us?  Left his post unattended?
Have we been consistently watching God not learning to trust him?
Do we see God for what he can physically do while we dismiss what a blessing He has been to us on the inside?

We take for granted the works that are clear on the inside!

Looking back hindsight is 20/20!
When God extended that invitation He already knew where we were going!
Wow! Is that a newsflash, or a great way to be humbled? God never leaves us! In our selfishness without sight of him through miracle, or act, we lose sight of what he has already done in our lives!
We think God has left us at that moment when we need him the most.  He disappeared and turned ghost when the trouble came!

Storms arrive when we have life on cruise control!

Mark 4:38 shows us that God was comfortably sleeping. On a cushion!
Like us when we cuddle up with the cares of the world. We are sound asleep! Turmoil can happen around our relation ships! Storm’s have been brewing, and the relationship is swamped with everyone’s worry and despair!
All we can do sometimes is act like the disciples in Mark. “God, don’t you care if we drown?” We lose sight of God because we lose the faith that dwells within us!
God gives us those things we need to battle our fears, and troubles inside!
What do we have to be afraid of we have the faith that was given to us? Remain quiet! Keep still while God does His work!
No need to abandon ship! Stay the course. Have faith!
All we have to do is ask! So simple, yet effective! Ask, Seek, Knock!
We suffer because we ask not. We try everything, often we feel that is all we’ve got!

Words like: is it me? Is it him? How come? Why? What for? Stop the questioning God!

If God didn’t care we wouldn’t have food on our tables. Jobs to go to! Matter of fact we would not be able to wake up to enjoy saying “thank you”

We choose to move from God when we feel he doesn’t work as advertised!

The more we try to straighten out, the more tangled a web we weave! Why do you have to awake Jesus, when he is already alive inside of your heart?

We call on God when we are in trouble, and not at the first sign of a dead-end!

Don’t have hostility towards God when you feel left in the cold!
“God doesn’t care! If he was real I wouldn’t be in this condition! God fell asleep in my life!”  Well,well! Ye with little faith will question God’s ability to do His job!

When God shows up he shows out!

God cannot do it all if you choose to move otherwise! God is a relationship, are you treating Him right?
Wake God up in your life!
Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


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