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Sweet Somethings…

My heart cries out to heal within. I water my Love with tears so I can breathe. Renewed I can Love again.

I cannot rewind the moments I have stolen from time, yet I asked God could I slow down and appreciate what she brings to my life?

She reached me by looking past my handsome face, and plunging into my reality. I’m imperfect; she knows God will perfect me.

I cannot shine without you. How can a partnership evolve if one is without you? Continue reading


Out Pouring…

I tried not to pour out my heart in a poem so sad. I post (it) my thoughts and sticky each note from my heart’s sticky pad. I place my smile on the pen and write Love on the pad.

The sharp depression of words that graced my mind leave illegible syllables across the past. Continue reading

Set The Tone!

In closing another week, we must remember that we set the tone for anything before we start.!The attitude we have built up inside will dictate how we will face each situation we meet.

A willingness to do what needs to be done has to be adopted no matter the cost! Continue reading

So Ambitious

We are ambitious in thought. We dream. We plot out coordinates and we plan where we want to go. Do we prepare well?

Are the thoughts we have worldly thoughts or heavenly thoughts?

To live the scripted life that we often choose, do we stick to the script?  Are matters taken into our own hands?  Do we rewrite the plot and story lines God is directing? Continue reading

Too Blessed To Be Stressed?

If you are too blessed to be stressed you may be in  a mess. There is no way you are not selfish and enamored at your own success!

I’m tired of hearing people saying they are too blessed to be stressed!

As Christians we are giving many people false hope about God’s promises. No where in the Bible does it say that you will be blessed and live with no speed bumps on your journey!

In Christ we have refuge, a solemn place to lay our burdens.

That does not sound like the blessed that is advertised by many. When we are blessed we are in that place where we are humbled. A place where everything around us might not be going right, but we know God has our best interest in His purpose!

God always delivers to those who in principle collect the interest from his Word! Realize when you are blessed, we are stressed, going through a season, tested, safe from harm, and sometimes questioning God’s motives.

So again I say if you are blessed you have to be stressed and stretched out your limits! He knows what he is working with, but we do not know the limitations that God has imposed upon us.

If we need further proof from God that we are too blessed to be stressed. Bring the unadulterated version of the Bible that many leave out in conversation and look to the story of Job. Not the job you worship and go to everyday, oops I stepped on someone’s toes. I meant look to the Job of the Bible and see his story.

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Attention _______.

Sometimes we talk about what we want to give the illusion that we are bigger than we really are. There is a poignant moment when people hear you speak about what you want to do.


Do people need to see what you do? Do you need confirmation by voicing what you have to do, yet you have not done it? Continue reading

Be Encouraged

We all have rough days, I know I do. Where I thought I had it figured out, or when everything was going good, and then something derails my joy. We allow “stuff” to steal our joy from the deepest recesses of our mind.

Stop letting someone, something, a situation, or things out of your control get stolen right from under your nose! Be mindful in your thoughts. Rejoice in today and where you have been brought from, through, over, or against!

Be Encouraged!

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Do You Hear “Him” Now?

God’s voice needs to be heard in the mobs of proclaimers with their harsh words. Whether a word, humanities atrocities, or a spoken word.

God is the declaration proclamation we in this generation have never heard. It’s not live, but do we really understand his red words? God’s role as CEO of this relationship is to inspire, rehire, and never fire those who have lost love in their job with God. Continue reading


I thank you for opening your heart. I’m glad you see my soul. Thankful that a word quenched your thirst. 

You should always be who you are without being who you are not.

Hand In The Cookie Jar

Caught up in stress, we stay mired in mess! Too busy looking at success to see our character get undressed. Caught up in lies that suggests my reputation is who I am.

The illusion of your arrested development. People need you to confess to the portrait you paint that doesn’t match the numbers on the lines your picture presents. Continue reading