Humble Mumble

I’m very humbled, I never imagined this.

If you asked me where I would be today I could not say that today would exist. I’m very appreciative of the gift God gave me. I protect it with my heart.

God you saved me.

God gave me a gift to share in the present. I have held on to a blessing  not realizing it was a life long message of the testimony of me to you.

I can only implore that God has more in store. I have the unlocked potential of glory in my possession.

I will not waste God’s time by procrastinating in the knowledge that my heart is the talent.

I’m better than average.

I average out to be the best Todd Covington, as long as I believe what is within me.  I will achieve while following God’s lead that sets the pacemaker of “my” race.

I tried to protect the gifts God gave me for so long. Only now do I realize I was wrong to hold on to something that can move so strong to help other people question right from wrong.  People need to move closer to Him so they can form a relationship that will move them along.


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