The Miseducation of Man

The miseducation of men sat in class to the illusion of who they wanted a  man to be.

I cheated the system to refine what I felt was destiny. I read the books of propaganda, the images of TV. I could not put my hands where my eyes could see.  

I listened to the lies of other graduates studies. Lectures of what society needs me to be.

The environment I see is not the reality of the man God needs me to be.

God your strength is safe inside me. I’m being taught the false streams of waters that run opposite of what I know is inside me.

My heart cries deeply, as I fail the class action lawsuit I break every time I give into to the social society. You educate me. 

Your spirit is engrained in the test you put before me. The test I take have multiple choices, yet your lessons teach me how to weed out the misconceptions. Life isnt about a,b,c, or d.  

The correction. The solution is always in the midst of me.


One thought on “The Miseducation of Man

  1. JadaRae says:

    This is an awesome post!

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