Hand In The Cookie Jar

Caught up in stress, we stay mired in mess! Too busy looking at success to see our character get undressed. Caught up in lies that suggests my reputation is who I am.

The illusion of your arrested development. People need you to confess to the portrait you paint that doesn’t match the numbers on the lines your picture presents.

Caught up in hate believing in what someone else needed to see in themselves.

Caught up in telling you all my dreams, only to witness you live out my reality, because I was not man enough to take action.

All I did was talk and talk about what I wanted to do. I had my hand inside the cookie jar of my dreams, and came out with the puzzle pieces of crumbs.

Too bad I fed you lies, you ate up the delicious salacious taste. The illusion of lies that make for a wonderful tasting nightmare. The reality of what today may bring when we do not follow the truth, yet invest our lives in the beauty of a distracting light. The darkness of a lie.


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