Who Are You To You?

There would be no need for instant gratification in our society if we know who we are without people’s insight into who they think they are in us. Our point of view gets skewed when the images of our lust to be different outweigh the need to know who we are.

Truth of the matter is most people do not know what drives them. What motivates them? Too often our motivation becomes the byproduct of impressing someone else.

Life is not about impressions.

The moments in life that take our breath are the moments that impact our heart and soul to realize that in life there is something inside us bigger than their wildest dreams.

Who we are is who our character says we are.

Reputations are for everyone else who builds them in their own image!

Knowledge of self reassure you of the confidence God has given you in the choices you make. Your confirmation does not come from man, but from the understanding that God is the reason you live, breathe, give thanks, and have another chance to get it right.

Remember who you are by realizing who you are not!

You are not the person who judges your life, yet you are in control of who you allow to infiltrate your heart! The person you are growing to be is not the person people used to see in their tainted rearview of yesterday. Today, you are who you are in this moment.

A second ago you were. Now you are!

Be the person your heart desires. The blessing’s you dream are the self-esteem that power the reality that you are Love. Let no person, circumstance, tragedy, triumph, or miracle take precedence over the man or woman you are growing to be.


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