Attention _______.

Sometimes we talk about what we want to give the illusion that we are bigger than we really are. There is a poignant moment when people hear you speak about what you want to do.


Do people need to see what you do? Do you need confirmation by voicing what you have to do, yet you have not done it?

Do not talk your way out of your dreams by only talking about your goals. The less you talk about what you are going to do, the more time you actually inch closer to it.

Don’t say you’re going to be a writer if you are not writing!

All you are doing is telling people how big you may be!

Get your butt off your Twitter, Facebook, the computer, from in front of the T.V. and reach out!

Seek help!

Make your mind available to do things that were not previously done!

Go somewhere you have not previously been.

Take to heart how important this challenge is that has been given to you.

Walk as if you know your goals will be fulfilled today! Be ready to accept the goal. Never waver in your efforts when times get hard.

Lastly, someone is always watching your efforts. Never slip up on your path to excellence when no one is looking. Strive to be where you need to be! Now!

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


2 thoughts on “Attention _______.

  1. Raven says:

    I’m printing this out and putting it by my bathroom mirror. This was TRULY an inspiration to me..Thanks for sharing Todd 🙂

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