Do You Hear “Him” Now?

God’s voice needs to be heard in the mobs of proclaimers with their harsh words. Whether a word, humanities atrocities, or a spoken word.

God is the declaration proclamation we in this generation have never heard. It’s not live, but do we really understand his red words? God’s role as CEO of this relationship is to inspire, rehire, and never fire those who have lost love in their job with God.

In this economy he never wastes our talents, or leads us into an oppressive recession. We are always led to the river for our needs, but He cannot make us drink what we think wont bring us to the brink of a revelation.

God “is” fulfilling my needs.

He leads us to the Word to make us think. How can I learn to grow eating scraps for food? Am I quilting my scraps together to knit a fool?

I know sometimes my words have you back on the couch, but I do not have to speak in tongues for you to understand my praise and thanks for God. The love you feel from these words will usher their way into God’s eternal house, and I didn’t have to scream to get my points across!

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


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