So Ambitious

We are ambitious in thought. We dream. We plot out coordinates and we plan where we want to go. Do we prepare well?

Are the thoughts we have worldly thoughts or heavenly thoughts?

To live the scripted life that we often choose, do we stick to the script?  Are matters taken into our own hands?  Do we rewrite the plot and story lines God is directing?

Do you question your views against what you preview in your heart?

Being ambitious is one thing, but you must seek the right things to make your blessings come alive! To seek your ambitions is an urgent desire to go after something.

Seek with excitement and a flair that is unknown!

Now that is powerful!

The thoughts we need to be focused on are for pure things, good things.

We fail to reach our ambitions because our minds (affections) are on corruptible things saturated with impurity.

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


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