Sweet Somethings…

My heart cries out to heal within. I water my Love with tears so I can breathe. Renewed I can Love again.

I cannot rewind the moments I have stolen from time, yet I asked God could I slow down and appreciate what she brings to my life?

She reached me by looking past my handsome face, and plunging into my reality. I’m imperfect; she knows God will perfect me.

I cannot shine without you. How can a partnership evolve if one is without you?

For you I will apologize for every word, action, quote I have said or done. Will you forgive me?

I don’t worry about what the others do. They cannot reach you because God leads the way of what I pursue. Your heart.

In the chaos of what they said couldn’t be we developed a picture perfect life that God assembled. No opinion required!

I’m in your world gasping for air. Woman please resuscitate my belief in the Love that will allow me to live. Allow me to breathe.

Poetry is the language I can speak that will reach any heart, and attach to any dream, wanna try me?

I look at our reflection in the running waters of life. Deeper I pry to look inside my soul to unmask what I look to hide.

One day you are going to awake from our dream. Will you still remember me, or remember we?

I want to know who you really are. I see a star from afar. How did you think I could recognize the essence of God from afar?

Out there chasing screams, I missed out on the world we were created, a deferred dream, I apologize, can we reconvene?

She reached, touched me. Met dreams. Arranged scenes. Caught me. Freed me. Lost “me”, gained dreams. I screamed. Love me, save “we”

I’m learning you by giving my all, I fell, yet I’m patiently falling in Love with the God in you. Please continue with the preview.

You can rest assured that you have a hold on my heart. i lay in your arms because I feel safe with you.

Everytime I hear your heartbeat I feel the spiritual traces of Love pass through my eardrums.

I wanted to be with you so much I lost my name (pride) because its enclosed in your heart.

I didn’t know if it was too soon to tell you I love you, so I took the time to show you.

I appreciate the Love we make when we hold the hands of time 2 allow time 2 stop so I can hear your heart tick-tock. Beats of Love.

Poetry is the moment words prick your heart to soften your mind.

You are far beyond what you see in Braille when you can feel the Love that is real to the touch.

Frightened of being a failure yet equally afraid of being a success.

The powderkeg of lust sometimes clouds my mind. Love take over to show me sunny days, a cloudless smile.

I looked your ebony skin in the eyes and saw God in plain view. I saw Love…

I know that you see pretty me, yet I’m patient to introduce you to the beautiful you I see when your transparency holds true.
Every moment I hear your speech I mute my heart to embrace the voice inside the lovely vessel of virtue.

Each time you speak to me a piece of my heart’s peace leaks to give the world a glimpse of our dreams. The foundation of Love.

I closed my mind’s eyes to float down your memory banks. I want to grow in interest by remembering everything about you.

Forgive me. I have witnessed the testimony of beauty. I’m blind to the facts but I hear your beauty speak to me. A new language.

Deep breaths take my breath away as I deeply appreciate our personal habitat of beautiful space.

Your skin is deep. Entrances me into a coma of serenity. I was caught up in the complexion of the affection of what lied beneath.


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