Monthly Archives: October 2010

Not There

I’m not there because I am here in my mind. Yeah I’m fine, but you must be the furthest from my mind lets rewind. I left you to get a renewed view of what I need to do to be closer to you. Continue reading


I Admit I Cheated!

I cheated on you because I was ashamed to say that tired line, naw baby it’s not you, scratch that it is you, and devalued me! I changed my mind because I looked at our reputation, and by the way you don’t look that fine! Continue reading

Who Do You FEAR?

There are plenty days when we don’t have it together. We take for granted the serenity that we have been given because we often base our decisions on being mediocre (comfortable.)

The people who are successful are those who are consistently growing in knowing who they are. Continue reading

What Does Your Relationship Say About You?

The relationships we engage in are hitting on something. Relationships can be positive, or negative according to your attitude.

Truth is they are growing in one direction or the other, but when we choose to stay in a relationship a constant assessment (snapshot) must take place.

Why are we a part of them or why are we a part from “them”?

We try to attach ourselves to things that are comfortable in the moment. Continue reading

Seeing Yourself…

I can’t be who I want to be and honestly, deep in places we don’t talk about it bothers me. I see others living their dream, yet I may be looking at my purpose the wrong way, I may not be reaching to the people who truly need me.

I need the people to heal the people. I want to feed the people, because I am starving to see what I will be. Continue reading


This is not easy for me to admit, yet I can admit it to you. I want to be near you so I can hold you, and tell you that I am here. I am true. I am available to you. I want to tell you its ok, I want you to see the hue that you saw inside the smile I gave you.

Truth is what I want at this moment is more important. The fact of the matter hurts my heart more to know that I thought I was doing the right thing for you. It sounded good, felt good, worked out right and paid the bills, yet emotions are broke, and that is not good news.  Continue reading