What Does Your Relationship Say About You?

The relationships we engage in are hitting on something. Relationships can be positive, or negative according to your attitude.

Truth is they are growing in one direction or the other, but when we choose to stay in a relationship a constant assessment (snapshot) must take place.

Why are we a part of them or why are we a part from “them”?

We try to attach ourselves to things that are comfortable in the moment.

Moments change. People change. Relationships change, yet our character remains in tact. In relationships we have the same goals, but sometimes we speak different languages that are misunderstood.

Do we mask our intentions of who we are to be the facade of who we feel they want to see?

We need to do better!

The days of being apart from God to be a part of another relationship are over!

Do we hold a relationship with ourselves? Is that relationship a healthy relationship? Are we a hazard to our own mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being?

If we cannot add value to learning, growing, and understanding who you are, are you able to fulfill your purpose?

When you rarely add but constantly and consistently subtract from your joy, you are stagnant in the experiences you go through.

Nothing but trouble and heartache!

The relationships that are cold as the winter bring a chill to your spine. The people who you hate to see, but love to tell all your business to leave you in a myriad of conditions.The conditions that questions who you are.

It questions your view of you.

Why do we go through having wishy-washy affairs against ourselves that leave our heart dirty?

We often cheat on the principles and foundations to fit into a box that suffocates who we are!

We consistently tear down our lines of defense to be offensive to our character and fall victim to personally painted depiction of our reputation.


To say we have a person we can confide with, yet we do not trust our interaction with them?

We can be very fickle with others when we choose not to look at what we are doing! Often, we don’t know whether to be cold and refreshing, or hot with the healing properties of empathy and the compassion of a warm heart!

We choose to have lukewarm, disloyal, middle ground relationships because we show the same type of relationship behavior with ourself!

We have a friend in Jesus, but often we choose  imperfect people because we are aloof from our relationship with God!

Reclaim your relationship!

Turn off the friends list for a moment.

Call on God for correction and love!


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