Who Do You FEAR?

There are plenty days when we don’t have it together. We take for granted the serenity that we have been given because we often base our decisions on being mediocre (comfortable.)

The people who are successful are those who are consistently growing in knowing who they are.

If sleep is the cousin of death, are we plotting our course when you are awake, or dreaming when we sleep on reality?

We cannot and will not reach that other stratosphere of understanding who we are if we allow what others think to dictate how we respond!

No one can want you dreams and goals more than you do!

If that’s the case that is not your path!

That is an opinion of your imagination that is seen in the talk you talk, not the grind you grind to make it happen.

The season is always right when you are actively preparing yourself. The things that come to us easy in life are like garbage. They were good for that short moment and now they are disposable.

If you are not working towards what you want there is someone else in their house, on your job, in the lane you want to create, brand you want to be that is working their butt off.

You will not see how hard they are working because it is known to them in their heart that they know without a shadow of a doubt that they have a clear and concise vision of what it takes to reach and exceed their pinnacle.

When we get to that point its only a place holder of where we have come from.  A visual checkpoint to get even further into our dreams.

Psychology professor Jon Johnston points out the difference between mere success and excellence: “Success bases our worth on a comparison with others, excellence measures us against our own potential.

Success grants its rewards to the few but is the dream of the multitudes. Excellence is available to all living beings, but is accepted only by the few.” (The Vine)

As you sit and read through this see yourself for where you are today, not yesterday or next week. Take a self-assessment and really dig deep, write down the preparation for what needs to happen to get you where you need to be in life!


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