I Admit I Cheated!

I cheated on you because I was ashamed to say that tired line, naw baby it’s not you, scratch that it is you, and devalued me! I changed my mind because I looked at our reputation, and by the way you don’t look that fine!

Your attitude showed a view of you that took you from a 10, but with the degree of your attitude dropped you to a 2. I wanted to tell you how I felt but I knew you would judge me for my honesty. Slap me up for the truth. I was afraid against crossing you. I can’t look cute without my front tooth.

I’m not sure there was ever a relationship, all I know is from the start our relations shift. I subtracted my mind’s presence and gave you the presence of pseudo bliss. I cheated from the start by not speaking the truth. I thought out good words to use, and learned how to read your mind. My words were a wicked ruse.

My mind’s ideal of real love was to say I was into you while searching for a bigger but, I had to look at others to feel the rush that I thought was love. I left you standing their talking in my ear while all I heard was the aroma and fragrance of others beckon the flesh of my hearts ear.

That’s why I called them.

I told you, you did nothing wrong, it wasn’t you. In your mind you heard that tired ass song. I was like play to them, you saw me as the best of friends. I ruined a lasting relationship to add another flaky  cheating ass friend. I cheated because I didn’t trust you, but couldn’t tell me myself, again.. Self can you trust me?

See my mind has been off the wall, I have been cheated on before and I learned the rules because I looked in her phone and got the message from the fateful phone call. Naw he aint nobody he is just a friend. Yeah we hangout but I don’t really love him, I wish he would stop blowing up my text, calling my phone!

He is a real nice guy, but in that I can’t see eye to eye. I play him as a pawn. You see with his type I can lie because his mind is too wrapped up in pleasing mine.  He is like stress he is always in fight or flight. This dude will only stay because he is too naive to leave.

You were so right, I learned to cheat by studying your ways and adding them to me. I had the nerve to always keep your mind in the aroma of my Curve, yet it wasn’t for to trust after. My blackberry was so sweet from you I learned how to turn acquaintances to lust friends.

Too bad I cheated on you, because I felt you cheated on me too! I knew their was a reason I cheated, that’s right I can turn this around and blame you! The mirror image in my mind was this relationship was always thru! I cheated on myself by being with someone who repeatedly cheated on me…

Truth is I cheated on God. Truth be told I fixed my mind on my truth. God never cheated on me.


6 thoughts on “I Admit I Cheated!

  1. Beth says:

    Wow!! What a way with words you have!!
    How often we cheat ourselves by building up untruth so much that it becomes reality for us as well as those around us. Added with the disservice that we give people by not speaking the hard truth.

  2. damn this was deep..im printing it out

  3. urgirlcheetah says:

    by far my favorite one!!! DOURTHING

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!! This right here I can unpack, unpack, and unpack some more man this DEEP…sometime we cheat long before we even cheat on oursleves and others…~ I gracefully bow King~ you did this..wordless

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